We need your help.

Touchstones is a highly effective organisation with a growing referral rate – driven by an increasing number of children and their families needing access to our proven and valued service. We rely on your help to raise all the funds that are required to ensure we can continue to respond to the needs of each hurting child.

Without your donations and support  – the work will stop.

Please help us to be there for the children and young people in our communities who are ( and will be) in real need of our help.

We operate within a very frugal cost structure, with our funding primarily coming through the support of families and individuals, local schools, and local community organisations together with some generous and highly significant support from a small number of grant providing trusts.

We cannot continue to support our local children and young people without you supporting us.

We are determined to be here for all of our children and young people, and to here for those, whose lives today seems normal, but for whom tomorrow – it could change forever. We can’t do this without you and your fundraising help – below are some ways in which you can work with us to help us in this great and important support;

  • £5 could pay for a memory box for each young person
  • £15 could pay for craft materials used in the 1-1 sessions
  • £30 could buy all the candles for the candle-time memory ceremony at the Touchstones Day
  • £50 would buy for two 1-1 sessions for a child or young person with a counsellor
  • £250 pays for a child and young person through all their 1-1 support sessions
  • £500 pays for hiring the facilities, Outdoor Staff and Outdoor activities at one of the special Touchstones Memory Days

Our supporters have been inspired to raise money for Touchstones in many different ways, from running, zipwiring, cake baking, coffee mornings, quiz nights, going without, craft fairs, quilt making, …..
What will you do? – let us know and we will do all we can to help and support you

Touchstones is partnered with Local Giving – so setting up a fundraising sponsorship page is really quick and easy –
simply got to https://localgiving.org/charity/touchstones/ and click on the Fundraise For Us button

Other ways to pay in your funding-raising monies are;
Via the donate button here and on our home page – DONATE
By Cheque – made payable to Touchstones Child Bereavement Support
By Bank Transfer – email us for our BAC details at info@touchstones-support.org.uk

Make an Individual, One-Off Donation
If you’d like to provide an individual donation, or pay in funds from a fundraising event, then either;
make out a cheque payable to Touchstones Child Bereavement Support, or even simpler;
go to https://localgiving.org/charity/touchstones/ and click on the Donate Now button, or alternatively
email us at info@touchstones-support.org.uk to get our bank transfer (BAC) details.

Set up a Regular Monthly Donations
If you’ like to become a friend of Touchstones by making a monthly or annual donation,
then please go to https://localgiving.org/charity/touchstones/ and type in Touchstones and then simply click on the Give Monthly button.

Do you buy stuff on line – regularly or just every now and then?

If so, Give As You Live allows you to shop on-line at over 4000 major retailers (Amazon, Tesco, John Lewis, the Trainline and many, many more, and each time you shop, a donation will be made by them to – without costing you a penny extra.

All you need to do is register at: http://give.as/charity/touchstones/join/

Give As You Live is a really easy, very effective and ongoing way to raise funds for Touchstones, and you can be supporting Touchstones every time you buy and ALL AT NO COST TO YOU – please do consider doing this – it’s a no pain game!

Could you find a place for collection pot to receive your customers’ or employee’s loose change?
– remember ….‘Small Change Makes a Big Difference’

If so we’d like to hear from you
Please call us on 07547 367267 or email info@touchstones-support.org.uk